[description]Bhajanpal Bhati Educational Group ,      A Gateway to New “ERA”[/description]


[info_box icon_url=”” alt=”title-1″ id=”inb_1″ type_column=”alpha” title=”Developing ideas”]Here we are committed to develop students and make sure that students can think beyond the boundaries for inventions .[/info_box]

[info_box icon_url=”” alt=”title-2″ id=”inb_2″ type_column=”” title=”Knowledge Sharing”]At Bhajanpal Bhati Educational Group Institute, all students and faculties try to share their knowledge and their views related to different- different topics .[/info_box]

[info_box icon_url=”” alt=”title-3″ id=”inb_3″ type_column=”omega” title=”Practical Lab”]At Our campus students learn all things practically in thier respective Labs like , Chemistry , Physics and Computer etc..[/info_box]


Welcome to Bhajanpal Bhati Educational Group, BHAJANPAL BHATI EDUCATIONAL GROUP KAKORE BULANDSHAHR (U.P) is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Institute. We are the only one reputed and committed institute towards educational development  in Kakore, Bulandshahar. Our main motive is to develop the innovative minds inside the students. According to School Management, each student have some potential and capabilities, We know how to use that potential  to make them differ from other,  we at Bhajanpal Bhati Educational Group  motivate students to use maximum their minds. Here Students try to solve maximum problem Logically. Bhajanpal Bhati Eductional Group is committed to provide best human beings to our Society.